We envision the City of San Juan to be a place where every resident is productive and everyone has the opportunity to   study, work, start and own a business.The city has established San Juan Manpower & Livelihood Training and consultations on livelihood courses.The training center continuously accepts enrollees and offers courses such as caregiving, dressmaking, tailoring, food processing, cosmetology and reflexology.

              The center urges every resident to indulge in these activities to improve their skills or make an enviable career. It is also one way of  preventing the town’ s youth from engaging in undesirable vices.

          For the last four years, the center has produced graduates from the following courses: food processing, refrigeration and air-conditioning, cosmetology, electronics, dressmaking and caregiver. Recently they introduced new courses such as reflexology, Swedish shiatsu and stainless welding. Some of its graduates are, at present, working in Canada, Taiwan and the United States while some have started their own businesses at the comfort of their homes.

                For the residents to have a decent and better education, San Juan boasts of a number of schools and educational institutions that help increase the literacy rate of its population, especially the youth. These educational facilities, which are situated in all barangays, consist of 28 public elementary and high schools including day care centers; 15 private schools and other private educational institutions involved in tutorial services; learning centers; computer and business schools; nursery and pre-schools; academic/skills training centers; day care and other educational facilities. An additional training building was also constructed courtesy of the town chief.

• Provide employment opportunities for jobless San Juaneños
• implementation of San Juan Ordinance mandating all business establishments to hire 50% of their manpower requirement from among qualified San Juan residents
• inventory of all available jobs from all San Juan establishments
• matching of job opportunities to applicants’ credentials
• periodic monitoring of company compliance vis-à-vis employment needs of the constituency
• Enhance the skills and potentials of San Juaneños
• Strengthen the skills and livelihood Training Center of the City Government to provide timely and in-demand courses for deployment to reputable companies, local and international
• Encourage partnerships with other government agencies, socio-civic organizations/foundations and NGO’s for training sponsorships or fund donations to further develop courses for San Juan jobseekers/trainees
• Re-echo the training and project implementation to the barangays
• Foster the entrepreneurial spirit among San Juaneños
• Encourage the establishment of small to medium-scale businesses
• Provide livelihood and capability training to the business-minded
• Form cooperatives to help in the establishment of the business, ensure continuity and safeguard business capital