Elected Officials

In the last half a century, San Juan has grown from a quiet, secluded town to a vital residential and commercial center. While the marks of urbanization are undeniable all over the metropolis, our Historical City of Excellence maintains the best of two worlds. On the one hand, San Juan remains an ideal place in which to live peaceful, centrally located, with access to all of life’s necessities and luxuries. San Juan residents are productive, civic-minded, and prosperous. On the other hand, San Juan vibrates with the energy of trade and industry. Every day she comes alive with the lively exchange of goods and services, and her commercial demographics run the gamut from market stalls to global corporations.

Change, development, progress these are inevitable when human beings dream of better, more satisfying lives. Our beloved city struggled to transcend her humble beginnings without abandoning her essential nature. San Juan has come a very long way, but there is much work yet to be done. The city we love and enjoy today can only be more herself in the years ahead.

It is with these thoughts that I present the gift of this book. It catches the City of San Juan at a crucial moment in her history as she sails confidently into the future, having successfully weathered the first decade of cityhood. As a portrait of a city in radiant progress, this book can only be a snapshot, a record of a single, singular moment in her glorious history.

The San Juan captured in these pages will not be the San Juan of a decade, or a century hence, and this knowledge brings with it profound comfort and contentment.

In the midst of such exciting times, it is vital to remain mindful and avoid floundering in the currents of change. Here, the value of remembrance lies in the backward glance, the thoughtful pause to take stock of where we have been, and thereby chart with greater clarity our shuffle on the road we have taken.

It is my hope that this book will serve in succeeding years as a chronicle, and as a prophecy as San Juaneños dream of better things yet to come.

Guia G. Gomez
City Mayor of San Juan

Janella Ejercito Estrada
City Vice Mayor of San Juan

My warmest greeting everyone!

San Juan City has been known as the City of Excellence for the past years and continuously growing and progressing for the people of San Juan. San Juan started as a municipality and grew until it became a city, the City of San Juan is mostly known for the Pinaglabanan which has been a huge part of our Philippine history.

The Battle of Pinaglabanan is a perfect depiction of the bravery, courage, and love for the country – the characteristics that were showed by our national heroes which are also, the characteristics that the people of San Juan has adapted and lived by.

At present, I am proud to say that the city of San Juan continues to excel in different aspects of our community especially in the promotion of our traditions and culture through very well-known “Wattah! Wattah!”, a celebration of the feast of our patron saint, St. John the Baptist. I am so proud of how our city has emerged and progressed. And I am excited to see what more it can do. San Juan has been a huge part of my personality; I grew up serving the people of San Juan through my grandfather and my father. I have seen it grow from a humble municipality to the city of excellence we have today. And I am proud to see all the hardships that shaped San Juan City to what it is today, and I am willing to give my fair share in maintaining its excellence and its continuous improvement.

Si Ronny Zamora ay unang nahalal bilang Assemblyman sa Batasang Pambansa noong 1978 matapos niyang manilbihan bilang Assistant Executive Secretary for Legal Affairs sa Office of the President noong 1975 sa ilalim ni Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos. noong 1981, siya ay naging kasapi ng Executive Committee, ang susunod na institusyon sa pagkapangulo ng pilipinas noong panahong iyon.

Ronny Zamora
City Congressman of San Juan

JV Ejercito
Senator of the Republic of the Philippines

It is my privilege to have been born in, played, lived, grown up, studied, and, for some time, led my beloved San Juan. As I have witnessed our town evolve from a fifth-class municipality of the Province of Rizal to a new vibrant city, San Juan is truly a domestic haven for a lot of San Juaneños, that makes it hard for all of us to forget and depart from.

San Juan being a mountainous landscape with a lot of rolling hills, where the term “del monte” came from, is like a little Baguio nestled right beside our nation’s capital. The Spanish Colonial regime leaders and the Dominican friars used San Juan as a resort area then.

San Juan is considered a natural breeding ground for national leaders. San Juan del Monte is the only town in the entire nation where five Presidents lived and etched in their heart the beauty of San Juan. The families of Diosdado Macapagal, Ferdinand Marcos, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Joseph Estrada and of course our current president Rodrigo Roa Duterte, all considered San Juan as home.

Water and San Juan are in the process of becoming synonymous. Water is a significant symbol of San Juan. Saint John the Baptist, El Deposito, the Wattah! Wattah! Festival, San Juan River, and the blood of Katipuneros in Pinaglabanan, flows not only in every San Juaneño’s veins, but in the hearts and minds of our nation.

As a womb of our nation’s freedom and shelter to our nation’s leaders, San Juan has become significant for the entire Filipino people, similar to how water is necessary for every human’s life. It is every San Juaneño’s pride and glory to be part of San Juan, in providing life and nourishment to our nation’s soul.

Long Live San Juan!

San Juan City Councilors